Recreating family history one piece at a time.


My family for generations has been researching and recording their history.   Some of that family history is absolute truth. Other pieces of our family history is only legend, recorded and retold as our ancestors wish was true.  These legends include  a piece of truth woven with revisions that only family members, now long gone,  knew the whole truth.   Only bits and pieces of our history  have survived time.

I research family history, not looking only to trace family lines and record dates, but also to record the stories that went with family who went before.   I seek to recreate history one person, one event, one story at a time.

I hope that you will find this blog  interesting to read.  As you read it  I hope that this will give you ideas on where you may want to search for your own family history.   Most of all I wish that it will  inspire you to find your own family history and save your family’s story.


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