Recreating family history one piece at a time.

Today I requested the service records of my Great Uncle Sherm who also served in the CCC. I only recently found out that he was in the CCC. He went in just as his brother came out. I imagine that they were swapping places. One boy coming home to work on the farm while the other went to the CCC for the money that was sent home to the family.

Since the time I got my Grandfather’s records, they have been transferred from one agency to another, and it is unclear if or how the request procedure has changed. We will see. I have also found this great video on the CCC. It was eye-opening on the CCC, and the world at that time for me. It makes me want to know more about my Grandpa’s camp. It makes me wonder more about how the $25 a month impacted the family and the farm. It is well worth the time to watch it on the computer, and plays very well with almost no buffering even and slower speeds.

WGBH American Experience . The Civilian Conservation Corps | PBS.

Thanks to PBS and the show American Experience for making this show available free online.


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