Recreating family history one piece at a time.

My last posting jogged some other memories and some new things to be shared.    When my Grandpa Don came home from the CCC his brother, Sherm went into the CCC.   My guess is that the family needed one son home to help with the farm and needed the money that the CCC also provided.  Two young men stepped up to the plate to help out as needed in the family.

Sherm would get lucky in that was assigned reforestation.  It is what the CCC is most known for planting trees.  I have seen his service record and he was in for a full year.  I have not seen his full personnel record from the National Archives, so there is a little conjecture going on here right now.   He likely worked at a state park in southern Illinois and may have helped build a spectacular CCC lodge that still stands today.   No one knows for sure what went on, but Sherm fell ill and was gone from camp nearly six weeks.   He was transported to an Army base in the area for his treatment.

I have visited the CCC museum in Michigan when I lived there.    The CCC helped build the Blackhawk State Historic Site, in Rock Island, and is considered the state of Illinois CCC museum site.   I am not sure how much is there, but might make a good stop sometime if I am in the neighborhood.

Thanks to everyone who shared.  You have given me more to write about and more to research.


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